Sunday, February 15, 2015

We drank the Koolaid

We asked.  We researched.  We debated.  And then we did it: we went all in and drank the Isagenix Koolaid.  IsoLean shakes, to be more precise.  And then the Isaflush.  And the Cleanse for Life... and Ionix Supreme.  We went all "cleanse my cells" on each other, knowing full well we'd return that sucker on day 29, thank you very much.

But then we kind of liked it.  And a couple days later we maybe loved it.  Disclaimer: I'm still nursing Parker so I am limited in what I can take.  Billy has done the full 30 day cleansing and fat burning system.  I have not done it in its entirety.

So,  here's our "take" on the cleansy juice.

1. I went from drinking 4-6 cups of coffee every morning (calm down La Leche League) to drinking around 4 cups a week.  Not because I chose to quit drinking it, but because I didn't need it anymore.  I lost the desire and taste for it.

2. I went from drinking 1-2 diet cokes in the afternoon (sometimes 3 children will cause you to turn to poisonous substances.  Mine just happened to be in the form of caffeine) to drinking 1-2 a week.  Again, not because I decided to give it up; I absolutely looked forward to my afternoon fix of carbonation.  But I stopped craving it and lost the "need" for it.

Those two reasons alone are huge benefits, but I will continue...

3. We are significantly less bloated.  Which, 3 babies and 2 c-sections later, is a mighty fine feeling for this mama.

4.  Neither one of us have experienced the post-lunch crash since starting Isagenix.  You know, when all you can fathom, whether you're at a desk or hiding from your kids in the bathroom (....), is laying your head down for a quick snooze... we genuinely don't feel that way in the afternoons.  In fact, afternoons have become some of my most productive and purposed time of the day, as well as Billy's.

5.  Billy has lost 12 pounds after 3 weeks of using Isagenix.

6.  When all three boys were sick for 8 days, we remained untouched.  Could be immunity, or it could be that we were getting enough of what we needed and our body had the tools to fight it off.

7.  Billy has completely lost all swelling of his joints.  Regardless of weight, his wedding ring has always been a challenge to get over his knuckle.  In fact, we thought the only way it would come off was if it was cut off.  However, as he's been using Isagenix the swelling in his knuckles is completely gone.  His knees?  Also gone.

8.  Billy is drinking around 3-4 cups of coffee a week as opposed to 2 cups a day.  The bags under his eyes are gone.

9. People noticed a difference in us.  So they decided to try it.  Which means we got paid for it.  Which means it nearly paid for itself.

10.  See number 9.

It's been a fantastic experience for us.  And come day 29, you better believe we will not be returning it.  Which begs the question, who's next???

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